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Therapeutic Massage

The treatment includes a range of techniques from Swedish Massage and Clinical Massage whilst combining these with the sensitivity and holistic perspective of Intuitive massage. Long, relaxing strokes are combined with pressure work on specific areas of tension. Katie combines therapeutic massage with a number of soft tissue techniques including trigger point, myofascial release and stretching.


60 minutes - £55

90 minutes - £75


hot stone Treatment

Hot Stone treatment is a seamless treatment using hot basalt stones. The hot stones are used both in a creative blend of dynamic movements and strategically placed over the drape (towel) to relax and unwind you. Perfect for those who want to relax deeply and those who like heat.

A profound and relaxing experience.


60 mins - £65

90 mins - £85

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HOT STONE fusion

Therapeutic hot stone fusion is a treatment perfect for those with tired aching muscles who need specific areas targeted and of course those who like heat.

This treatment is a combination of hot stones together with skilled soft tissue manipulation in areas that need a little more attention.



45 minutes - £55

60 minutes - £70

90 minutes - £95


Katie's massage style is informed by a range of techniques from Swedish massage, to the sensitivity and holistic view of Intuitive massage, and skilled soft tissue manipulation of Clinical Massage. Elements of Shiatsu inform the treatment, particularly around the head, neck and face. Her adaptive awareness of the body can provide a deep therapeutic massage, relieving deep areas of tension and accumulation, or a luxurious relaxing experience, complete with essential oils and a nourishing environment. Her developed intuitive and caring approach will address the unique and individual needs of the client on each occasion. 

Location & Opening hours

Katie's massage practice is based in the Ashdown Forest, she treats clients at The Anderida Practice in the village of Forest Row and also from her private therapy retreat space in the forest.

  • MON - 9am - 5pm

  • TUES - 2pm - 6pm

  • WEDS - 9am - 6pm

  • THURS - 1.30pm - 6pm

  • FRI - 12noon - 7pm

  • SAT - 10am - 3pm